5 Suggested Internet Sites For Finding That New Sales Job

Trolling the Internet for Jobs

It is not fun hunting for sales positions.  Although you may not consider it intriguing or exciting, it is a necessity for those who need a change, or are in a situation where there are shortcomings.

Now, in the age of the Internet it is a much more efficient task if nothing else.  Your objective should be to do much of your search with a reasonable amount of effort.  I would never suggest that you should avoid search consultants or even print media, yet the Internet is a good way to start.

What to Look For

I am suggesting that you access as many job sites as you are comfortable working with.  Some sites are devoted to sales positions only and some have all types of positions with an ability to sort down to sales positions.  All of them are chocked full of opportunities.

Here is what you are looking for in a site when looking for sales positions:

  • No Fees for Access or Membership. Most will give you this.  In the case of a site that charges a fee, you should be able to access jobs to determine the quality and type of jobs before remitting.  There are some charges at times from sites limited to high earning positions.
  • The Ability to Sort Easily – this is important as it will help you find sales positions as well as geographically segment your search.

Normal Job Listings VS Paid Search Listings

I am going to highlight some actual sites that could help you focus your efforts on your job search.  These sites have job listings, and some are “paid searchlistings. Paid search is when the party behind a particular ad pays the site (the job posting board) to post the ad.  The position is not on file with the site you are working with, and the organization attempting to get your interest is a separate operation.  The site is compensated by a payment basis called paying by the click (PPC or pay-per-click).

That organization pays the site holder when you click on that job listing.   I only mention this as the pay-per-click ads may, or may not, get you the job posting that you desire, and they may take you to another site.  This is not necessarily bad as in most cases they are ads placed by Google and they do their best to make the advertisers be reliable.

Most of the sites have both.  The paid search ads sponsored by Google will say “Ads By Google.”  Note that they need to generate revenue from their ads to support the site just as we do at Black Sales Journal.  Nothing is free.

Popular Sales Job Sites

Here is a short list of some of the best actual job sites for sales professionals that serve the United States:


- This is a very good site with strong sorting and plenty of positions.  A must access site.


- This is a solid site with decent sorting and number of positions


- This one is a fair site with less sorting horsepower than salesheads.com and salesjobs.com.  This site also seems to have fewer positions on file.

The Ladders – Sales-jobs - For accomplished sales performers and jobs over $100,000.  Also can give access to some of the top sales executive search consultants.  Good site mechanically.

Hotjobs - This site is affiliated with Monster.com. It has solid jobs and great mechanics.  This site has all types of jobs, yet sorts well for you to get down the sales positions.

Many of the organizations above show all of their jobs for free.  The Ladders, which specializes in upper level sales jobs, will ask a for membership fee.  The Ladders stocks higher paying positions essentially advertised at $100,000 and up.

In most cases you will type in a virtual resume including some salary expectations. You will do so by typing in your information. It is cumbersome, yet very common.  These resumes are for the sake of qualifying, and do not have the structure for you to add your full list of accomplishments.

You will still need a solid written resume’ to give you the edge.  It must accentuate your accomplishments.  The listing of jobs will show a chronological history, but the listing and enunciating of accomplishments in these jobs will show your successes as well as your capabilities.  That is extremely important.

Don’t Forget the 8 Items

Black Sales Journal’s Post – 8 Items That Can Help You Land That New Sales Job -  (January 6)  I can’t help but refer you to my comments on the importance of accomplishments on your resume. It is the defining factor in your resume.

Use the “8 Items” to get an edge and good luck in your job search!

For those of you that are happy where you are, we are happy for you, and good luck in 2011!

We look forward to any questions or comments you might have.  Happy hunting.

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