Black Sales Journal is devoted to assisting Black sales professionals achieve success.

Black Sales Journal covers the issues of interviewing, prospecting, account development, selling, and employment advancement for those who are only different because of their skin color.

I am Michael L. Parker, a retired executive of the Liberty Mutual Group (a veteran of over 32 years).  I will moderate, give suggestions, and gain the input of our readers to provide answers to the questions that arise from the difficult circumstances that exist in the marketplace today.  My background includes employment as a former sales professional, Sales Manager, Senior Vice President, and Executive Vice President.  I will assist in posing the questions that no other forum touches.  It will be done fairly and professionally.

Why Black Sales Journal?

There is no doubt that the already difficult occupation of sales, especially B2B sales, is made more difficult by the fact that you are markedly different in race.  There may be other factors which exist, yet more abundant pigmentation is visible and it can stand in the way of your success only if you let it.  BSJ will examine ways to counteract what I term as the 3Ps: Preferences, Perceptions, and Prejudices.  BSJ will also give tips and instruction to strengthening relationships, better sales performance, managing upwards, and other important features, all with an understanding of the plight of the Black sales professional.

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  1. Steven White says:

    Mr. Parker, I have always valued your wisdom and enjoyed your sense of humor….keep it up