Your Customers Need An Expert

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In our continuing discussion of the” 7 Success Essentials for the Black Sales Professional”, we want to discuss the advantages of being an expert. In this case we are talking about being either a product expert, or an industry expert, or both. This tactic can not be taken lightly. These can be a game changer!

These tactics for increasing customer and employer confidence are extremely effective. They can be used separately, or together, and either way are powerful. If used together they can reduce the effects caused by both preference and perception.  They don’t change or negate the prejudice that lies deep down in individual, nothing does. But combined, these two items create a “preference” of their own. The preference is real when you have something that others don’t have.

I’m going to touch on both of these for you.

The Power of the Product Expert

Your customers need a product expert. I’m not talking about just having product knowledge; I am speaking of you being a true product expert. The following scenarios note a true product expert.

A Product expert:

  • Is continuously sought out by customers and your own coworkers for advice, opinions, and interpretations
  • Knows more than product features and benefits, he or she knows every nuance of the product’s attributes and functionality
  • Is knowledgeable about competitor’s products and the competitive landscape
  • Is prepared to admit competitor’s strengths and his/her product’s weaknesses when they are well defined
  • Researches, researches, researches, then shares the knowledge with deserving parties, even if there is a little self-promotion in the process
  • Gets designations, certifications, and degrees if necessary to show the expertise

Product experts are as important to the organization that they work for as they are to the customer.

The Power of the Industry Expert

Attaining status as an industry expert is an equally powerful position.  It involves not being just familiar with the industry (banking, insurance, automotive parts, hospital products, healthcare, telecommunication, etc.), it involves having a recognized ‘database’ of information, ideas, and suggestions built around your prospect, industry, and product.  How do you get there?  You get there by study, research, maintaining logs and notes, participating and hard work.

An industry expert:

  • Studies the competitive landsccape and knows each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Knows how your product helps the industry, including the niches which fare best with your product
  • Knows the economics of the industry
  • Is up to date on the legislative environment, if important, and any developments
  • Is sought out by others for their industry knowledge

A Word of Advice

The most important thing to realize is that most buyers in need of expertise don’t care what color you are if you can help him/her gain a competitive advantage when no one else can. He or she may or may not develop loyalty to you, but will do business with you.  Your job will be to cultivate that loyalty during the course of your relationship to win the buyer over.

You potentially can reduce the effects of two of the 3Ps with these two essentials.  Perception and Preference can be “trumped” by being the expert in these two vital areas.  These normally will not work well on Prejudice as it is deep seated and powerful. These could be a start to a new relationship with many buyers.  More on actual Prejudice in the upcoming posts.

I am looking  forward to hearing your thoughts on this issue.  Please post a comment.  Be heard!


  1. Yllon says:

    Mr. Parker,

    This articles is critical to success in any field and why I love it! Knowledge is power and something that is yours to keep forever! By making ourselves experts we are giving ourselves the power to go further!
    Thanks for all of your articles. They truly inform and inspire.

  2. Understanding the importance of being the expert will take you further every time. After working with me, my customers see the value in working with someone (no matter the color of their skin) who understands their needs and ins and outs of their industry. Reading this post reminds me that I’m on the right track.
    This is great information…Thanks!